February 25, 2018

Balloons ‘n’ Smiles in February, Austin

What’s new with your #1 Balloon Decor Business in Austin, Texas?

First Love, first baby, first successful business…There’s a first for everyone, and today will mark the first Official blog for Balloons ‘n’ Smiles. We hope that you’ll enjoy, and continue keeping up with Balloons ‘n’ Smiles updates and anecdotes on what my family and I have been up to!

First, how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day Weekend? With all the ups and downs with the temperature in Austin, we were pleasantly surprised with sunny skies, and warmer weather during this busy Holiday weekend. Traffic was not congested, and the skies seemed bluer than before – What a Happy Valentine’s Day it was!

Here’s what we covered in this month of ‘LOVE’:

-An extended 2-week corporate event, with Casino themed balloons and decorations, always a favorite of mine!

-Sunday Madness, with tons of Super Bowl parties – Go, Seahawks! (Sorry, Bronco fans! We still love you guys too!) Did you hear rumors of Romo being traded? What’s in store for the Cowboys next season, if all is true?

-Another adorable baby shower themed after the families’ favorite Football team…”WHO DAT?!” The Saints, of course. Congratulations to our great friend, and welcoming their new baby girl to the family.

– Our 4th year working with Vince Young Steakhouse, decorating their lobby and main dining areas with a colorful display of the ‘colors of love’, for their Valentine’s Day Reservations  -boy were they booked!

-And saving the best for last, My Son’s 7th Birthday Party! Themed after his request, Angry Birds! Just when you thought that it couldn’t be done…it was, and I dare say, I might have been more excited about it than he. The decoration set up was pulled directly off what the games look like, and the cake we ordered was just what my boy dreamed of! That’s what you get, when you put together a balloon-artist and crafty mom!

For us? We were thrilled that our Netflix Series had made its return, and planned to catch up on it, after working Valentine’s Day. Ah, the life of being your own boss in your thirties – quite nice! We were delighted to have made so many of our patrons day, extra special with Balloons ‘n’ Smiles services, as We’ve had some great news to celebrate with just us 3, as a family – No need for the extras.  Thank you all for being part of our story, and allowing us to be part of yours. Stay tuned for what’s happenin’ next month, and be sure to stop by our Facebook Fan page, and tell us how you spent your Valentine’s Weekend!

With Love,

The Family of Balloons ‘n’ Smiles

Love, the Balloons 'n' Smiles Family

The Balloons ‘n’ Smiles Family



Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!

Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!

Congratulations to our great friend, welcome to your new baby girl!

Congratulations to our great friend, welcome to your new baby girl!

Super Bowl Sunday was a blast! Wish I could've stayed and partied with some of these folks =)

Super Bowl Sunday was a blast! Wish I could’ve stayed and partied with some of these folks =)